Walking and pleasure


from January 2014 on

mostly every first or second Saturday or Sunday of the month



The combination Hiking & Pleasure, in German "Genuss-Wanderungen" takes us either into the heart of the Bavarian Alps or else right into Bavaria's beautiful alpine upland. Depending on the season and respective region, the areas always make for new and exciting impressions and surprises. For dates and destinations check the subpage "News" on my homepage a couple of weeks before you wish to go on a trip or tour with me.


True to the motto "the journey is the destination" I guide the tours, few of which you will find listed in any of the guide books. Actually, they are not even meant to make you climb all the way up to a summit. In just the speed the respective group feels comfortable with - and which is probably just right for those rather slow hikers among us - our tour leads us through ever-changing impressive landscapes. Eventually, we are heading towards one or the other refreshment stop, where we take a well-deserved break while enjoying a delicious meal.


Some hikers delight in their solitude, yet others seek conversation, are eager to get to know each other, have a good time together or are simply curious to find out about the other participants' current "emotional baggage". Of course, everyone in a group will always have the necessary consideration for his or her co-hikers' special needs and possible physical restrictions.


Please use public transportation for your trip to and return trip from our respective starting and destination points, but feel free to contact me if you like me to organize your group's joint arrival and departure in a minivan.





Bavarian Alps and foothills



25 € per person, excluding travel fee and food



Doris Walter



info@spirit-walk.de or +49 172 8661180



via email, phone, ...


Minimum number of participants: 4 persons