About me


  • Tyrolean hiking guide


  • Professional training in nature work among others

  • I'm speaking also German, French, Italian and Spanish


My experience and knowledge of the vitality of nature united with my love for movement have lead me to venture out into the world to explore the Andes, the Sahara, the Dolomites and, finally, to get to know and love the amazing beauty of the Apuan Alps. It is sharing the wonders of nature with others where I find complete and utter happiness ...


In the work with nature, my companions and teachers were, among others, Steven Foster and Meredith Little with their School of Lost Borders. My special thanks go to my instructors at the Tiroler Bergsportführerverband (Tyrolean Mountain Guide Association) for sharing with me their amazing knowledge and experience. And, of course, to my father, with whom I have a lot in common and who has always been there to make me see those things behind things.