Trekking in the Moroccan Sahara

February/March 2025


This ten-day trekking tour will take us through placid oceans of sand, to dramatic canyons and across lofty dunes. Covering a daily average distance of 22 kilometers, we will hike on foot or camelback-ride on "our" Arabian camels traveling several hours in the morning and, after an extended lunch break spent in our lovingly set-up "parlor" in the shade of the trees, refreshed from tea, conversations, food and relaxation, a few more hours in the afternoon ...


Both for lunch as well as for dinner, delicious food will be freshly prepared before our very eyes. At night, we will gather around the campfire sharing our own stories or listening to those of our local guides. Comfortably wrapped in cozy blankets, we will spend the night sleeping under a starlit sky or take shelter inside a hand-woven nomadic tent.


Each participant independently books and organizes his/her flight to our starting point. Please let me know if you need a hand with planning your itinerary or with coordinating a possible joint flight to/from Agadir or, alternatively, to/from Marrakech or else Quarzazate, including transfer, if desired.


Meeting point is the „Le Sauvage Noble", an award-winning hotel near Zagora, where the group should gather by no later than the evening of the day of arrival, in the afternoon of the next day, we set out for our ten-day trekking tour through the desert, accompanied by a well-experienced Moroccan trekking team catering for our food. Arabian camels will carry our baggage but will also be available for riding if desired.


Our fifth day of trekking will take us to a breathtakingly vast dune landscape inviting us to linger and spend the day's afternoon hours. Another five days, finally, will bring us back to Zagora, where we will dedicate part of the day to visit one of the city's hammams as it is time to relax and enjoy the ancient traditional cleansing ceremony while washing off any dust we might have acquired during our time in the desert.


One possible option participants might want to consider for their return trip is a joint side trip to a Moroccan City.


If you like, try to schedule for an arrival a few days ahead of time/for a few extra days at the end of your stay. Please make sure, however, to plan and specify such extra time early on, i.e. when booking your trip, together with your choice of accommodation and meals (bed only/bed and breakfast, half board, full board).







1.790.-- € (inclusive of German travel escort), 3 nights in the Ryad „Le Sauvage Noble" including half board, 10 nights in the Sahara Desert including full board, trekking team, Arabian camels as well as the trip to a Moroccan City (including half board).


Transfers for joint arrivals are free of extra charge


Single room supplement: on request


8 percent of the tour package price is transferred to the Societé Renard Bleu Touareg, an organization providing various sources of income to the nomads, funds helping them to preserve their way of living. This type of desert tourism therefore successfully contributes to protecting both the nomads' dignity as well as nature itself, while making sure the benefits go to those actually working for it. Part of the generated surplus is reinvested into aid projects such as water well rehabilitation, alphabetization, healthcare or sponsorship programs. In March 2003, the Societé Renard Bleu Touareg was recipient of the the To-Do!-Award of the Studienkreis Tourismus und Entwicklung e.V. (Study Group for Tourism and Development, reg. ass.) for socially responsible tourism.


Tour Guide:

Doris Walter


Information: or +49 172 8661180




Minimum number of participants: 6